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State of Utah's Longitudinal Data System

  • Utah's source for reliable and trustworthy research findings of employment, education, and health.
  • Research findings are summarized and made into visualizations for easier consumption.
  • UDRC is the source of Utah data for employment, education, and health.
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An old photo of a a man working with a woman to set up an old film reel projector.
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Creating a Tailored Research Presentation

Ari shares what he learned about tailoring research presentations to different audiences.

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This photo shows the backs high school students' heads as they are in a class and watching their teacher in the front of the room
Latest Published Research

Utah High School Course-Taking Patterns and Their Effects on College Readiness

This narrative explores the relationship between Utah's P20W metrics and the overall social and economic health of a given area, known as area deprivation.

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Through an online application process, the Utah Data Research Center is able to provide cross-agency data to external researchers from Utah state partners.

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