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Defining a Payback Period

By Skylar Scott, Researcher
January 22, 2020


The approach for using a payback period for a technical college is very different from choosing a potential investment in the private sector. Our researcher Skylar Scott explains how a payback period is defined in his study.


New Data Dictionary Available Online

By Britnee Johnston, UX Researcher
January 15, 2020


The Utah Data Research Center (UDRC) released this month a new data dictionary of the various data elements available for request to external researchers.


UDRC 2019 – A Year in Review

By Jeremias Solari, Assistant Director
January 8, 2020


2019 was a critical year for the UDRC, and its continued success. Three major research reports were completed. We review 2019, and look into 2020.


SQL Tip: Use the Database Layer

By Vincent Brandon, Data Coordinator
January 2, 2020


The rise in popularity of programming languages for analytics such as Python, R, and Julia have led many to do basic aggregation statistics client side. While this works for smaller files of a few hundred thousand records, this will not translate well to larger datasets. 


What is data science?

By Karen Tao, UX Researcher
December 26, 2019


Data scientist has been called “the sexiest job of the 21st century”. What is data science exactly?


3 Tips for Preparing Your Next Literature Review

By: Derek Higgs, MPA, Researcher
December 18, 2019

literature review

The benefits of a literature review have been well documented by researchers and their audience. It is well understood that a properly compiled literature review provides the reader with the necessary historical context by illustrating the shortcomings and limitations of prior related work. More importantly, preparing the literature review is a vital practice for the researcher because it eases the task of identifying the principle research question.


Research Progress Update on Student Mobility

By: Kelsey Martinez, PhD, Researcher
December 11, 2019

slc skyline

I recently finished up the 2019 Longitudinal Intergenerational Poverty Research and am currently working on UDRC 2019 Research agenda item #1. This research addresses student mobility within the state of Utah. Specific objectives of this research include examining: 1) post-secondary enrollment after graduation from a Utah public high school, and 2) high school graduate migration to post-secondary institutions within Utah.


Defining a Living Wage

By: Skylar Scott, Researcher
December 4, 2019

slc skyline

New research is well on its way at UDRC. The current study I am working on investigates the additional spending that graduates of colleges and technical colleges spend as compared to individuals with a high school diploma only. This spending, or consumption, is a function of discretionary income minus savings.

Tax Revenue Generated from UTech Graduates

November 27, 2019

UTech payback period model 1 chart

UTech awarded 7,056 certificates in 2016, which added an estimated $68.3 million to Utah wages. These additional wages generated more income tax revenue for the state. The size of revenue impacts the payback period length for appropriated money.

Wages and Workforce Attachment of Adults Experiencing Intergenerational Poverty

November 21, 2019

Wages in Intergenerational Poverty

In the Utah Data Research Center’s latest report 2019 Longitudinal Intergenerational Poverty Research, it found that the average wages and workforce attachment increased slightly for adults experiencing intergenerational poverty (IGP) in the 2012 cohort from 2012-2017. 

Educational Attainment of Adults Experiencing Intergenerational Poverty

November 7, 2019

Educational Attainment in Intergenerational Poverty

Educational attainment, specifically to the college level, played a significant role in differentiating reference group adults (those that experience some poverty) and individuals experiencing intergenerational poverty (IGP) in the Utah Data Research Center’s study.   

2019 Longitudinal Intergenerational Poverty Research

October 24, 2019

New report: Intergenerational Poverty

The Utah Data Research Center (UDRC) recently released its longitudinal research on intergenerational poverty (IGP) in Utah. IGP is defined as the transmission of poverty from one generation to the next, or cyclical poverty. The research examines individuals (both adults and children) who were experiencing IGP in 2012 (2012 IGP cohort), and follows them through 2018 to understand how time has impacted their lives.  

ROI of Career and Technical Education Provided by UTech

October 10, 2019

New report: ROI of CTE by UTech

The Utah Data Research Center today published a new report and data narrative on the Return on Investment of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Provided by the Utah System of Technical Colleges (UTech). To measure the success of UTech's CTE programs, this study analyzed the wage growth and additional tax collected from UTech’s certificate earners, the payback period to the state, and their retention in the workforce.  

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