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Utah’s K-12 academic proficiency by gender and race/ethnicity

March 20, 2019

Graph of proficiency by gender and race/ethnicity.

One of the metrics used to explore students’ preparedness for postsecondary education and the workforce preparation is through their core academic proficiency in math, reading, writing, and science. In the “Utah’s Education Pipeline” dashboard, it explores the academic proficiency of Utah’s 4th and 8th graders by their gender and race/ethnicity.

Recap: 2019 SLDS Best Practices Conference

March 11, 2019

Jeremias presenting to a full room.

The Utah Data Research Center (UDRC) presented at the 2019 SLDS Best Practices Conference in Washington D.C. where they shared their best practices in technology and communication with states from across the country. View UDRC's presentations, design style guide, and tip sheets from the conference.

Utah students' proficency in core academic subjects

February 25, 2019

Image of P20 Graph

K-12 prepares students for the workforce or postsecondary education, and encourages them to explore their interests and talents—broadening both their social and academic skills. One of the metrics to explore students’ preparedness is through their proficiency in core academic subjects: math, reading, writing, and science. Learn how Utah students stack up in these subjects compared to peer and benchmark states. 

Creating scroll-activated visualizations with
D3 and ScrollMagic

By: Skylar Scott
February 20, 2019

coding example

Visualization as a tool in economic research is invaluable in bringing insight, discovery, and understanding to consumers of data (Scneiderman, 2016). Complex concepts and relationships between variables are often times difficult to understand without a background in economic research. One goal of visualization is to bring clarity to complicated concepts to a general audience. D3 is a JavaScript library that makes use of HTML’s SVG element, which creates paths, circles, squares, boxes, and other graphic images.

New data narrative “Utah’s Education Pipeline” analyzes preschool to postsecondary readiness and access

February 12, 2019

Image 1

The Utah Data Research Center (UDRC) released a new data narrative “Utah’s Education Pipeline” for an in-depth look at education readiness and access from preschool (P) through postsecondary education (20), also known as the P20 metrics. In addition, it explores education and training for workforce preparation and meeting industry needs. We spoke with Allison Stapleton-Shrivastava, one of the UDRC researchers on the project, to learn more about the importance of this research for informing public policy in Utah.

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