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Through an online application process, the Utah Data Research Center is able to provide cross-agency data to external researchers from the following state partners: Utah Department of Workforce Services, Utah State Board of Education (K-12), Utah System of Higher Education, Utah System of Technical Colleges, and Utah Department of Health.

Only requests requiring data from multiple sources can be fulfilled. For example, we can process a request for a researcher that needs wage records (Utah Department of Workforce Services) and the year an individual graduated from a postsecondary institution (Utah System of Higher Education). For data coming from just one source, please contact the specific state agency to submit your data request.

To determine if the Utah Data Research Center is the right source for your research, view the data dictionary to view the variables and time periods we have available. This is also a useful resource for preparing your application.

View Data Dictionary

Ready to begin your application or check on one already submitted?

To apply for data access, you must have a Utah-ID login. Anyone can sign up for a Utah-ID and it takes just a few minutes. After you log in, you will be asked to register as a user of UDRC. After completing this page, you may then request data by clicking on "Apply". This is also the log in to check the status of a submitted application.

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Application Steps

After logging in, the application will ask questions about your research project and the data you are requesting. Below are a list of steps you can expect to answer when filling out the application:

1. Is your data request exempt from IRB review?

It is exempt if the data request comes from one of the partner agencies or one of the major branches of the State of Utah government. It also would need to be used for either operational activities, studies for internal management purposes (program evaluation, quality assurance, quality improvement, fiscal or program audits), marketing studies, or contracted for services.

If you do not meet the above criteria, you will need to follow the next steps for an IRB review. If you do not meet the above criteria, but your research was already approved by an IRB, then you will be asked to upload proof of documentation before continuing to the next step.

2. Provide project title and basic contact information for your data request.

3. Explain your project in detail.

  • State the purpose of the research
  • State your research question
  • Explain how confidentiality will be maintained
  • Upload a proposal for the research project (optional)

4. Read and agree to the non-disclosure, peer review process, and investigator assurance process agreements.

5. Receive an application identification number.

Your application is then submitted to be processed. For an IRB review, the IRB may communicate directly with you to receive additional information to make a determination. In addition, UDRC may communicate directly to receive clarification on project details. You can review your application status online. If you have additional questions or concerns, email

Once your application is submitted, the UDRC data coordinator will contact you to discuss next steps. We highly recommend submitting your request as soon as possible to get into the queue of requests and allow time for the data coordinator to pull the requested data from our system.

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