Research Agenda 2021 (July 2021 - June 2022)

Priority Agency Research Name Description
1 UDRC/DWS IGP 2021 Longitudinal Research How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the IGP 2012 cohort?
2 USHE Analysis of workforce outcomes for AS/AA/AAS recipients Insight into the workforce outcome for AS/AA/AAS recipients, controlling for program of study, industry of employment, gender, and age.
3 USHE Workforce outcomes analysis of stacked awardees Analysis of workforce outcomes for students who stack awards (e.g. AS then BS, certificate then BS, BS then MS, etc), considering outcomes both during and after the second degree.
4 USBE Review of outcomes for disabled students Descriptive review of the outcome space (higher education and workforce) for students with disabilities.
5 UDRC/DWS Firm size and wage growth for new post-secondary graduates Is there a relationship between wage growth through time, of post-secondary graduates, and the size of firms which they are employed?
6 USHE Time to employment after graduation Is there a correlation between the level and area of study on time to employment: An analysis of the correlation between degrees and CIP combinations in the time to employment metric.