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UDRC Introduces Utah Department of Health Data to our Longitudinal Data System

By: Vincent Brandon, Data Coordinator

June 10, 2020


One of the primary charges of the Utah Data Research Center (UDRC) is to link records generated by our data partners. The goal is a connected graph entity of relationships (groups, industries, and areas) with the information collected during regular operations (e.g., education outcomes).

The UDRC is excited to be adding Utah Department of Health (UDOH) data to our longitudinal data system of linked datasets. Sample processing of de-identified birth and death certificates have been successful and our staff is brimming with new ideas for research and how we manage relations in these data. We are excited to move forward in offering expanded access to researchers later this year. Each of these datasets open new avenues for future investigation.

In the Utah birth record, we can visit parental state and ethnicity, risk factors at birth, early vaccinations and delivery type. Health policy analysts can build robust understanding of education pathways and employment outcomes from features of early life.

The UDOH death records yield information on occupation and residency, providing age and insights into events at the end of life. Policy makers interested in demographic shifts and risk events can build reports to inform community development and health priorities.

Bringing in these vital records helps in understanding the forces and trends affecting residents of Utah. Linked to education and wage records, researchers will have the ability to investigate questions of a new dimension.

UDOH data should be available for request on our website late 2020. For more information or to suggest new datasets for linkage, contact us at

View our current catalogue at We will update as more features become available.

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