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The UDRC’s 2020 Research Agenda… is now published

By: Jeremias Solari, Assistant Director

July 1, 2020


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I am happy to announce that the 2020 research agenda is now published and viewable on our website-we archived the 2019 research agenda- it is still viewable for your convenience. This research agenda will span the 2020 state year (July 2020 – June 2021). Just a reminder of the process we undertake to update our annual research agenda, we internally discuss new research topics, request research topics from our data partners, consolidate these topics along with what was not addressed on the previous research agenda. A draft is created, reviewed by our advisory board, then a final draft is produced. Lastly, we publish it to our website and communicate it to the legislature. The research agenda can be accessed at the following link:

We, here at the UDRC, are very excited about the research topics for this year. We will be looking into the relationship between: Utah Department of Health’s Health Improvement Index (HII)-a composite measure of social determinants of health- and specific outcomes in the preschool to workforce (P20W) pipeline; higher education and the utilization of public assistance (do we see more or less after graduation?), educational outcomes in higher education and “low-income” students (is there a difference?), the existence of a single parent in the birth record and workforce outcomes (do they return to the workforce thereafter?), level and area of study and time to employment (do some areas of study and levels of study lead to jobs faster?). As we have not yet produced research in the health data domain, we wanted to prioritize this type of research this year; and as you can see, the HII and P20W pipeline research topic is priority number one. We are very excited to be researching this new domain for the UDRC.

These topics, and the research findings that will be forthcoming can help inform future public policy in the realm of health, poverty, family formation, and assist the Utah higher education institutions in gaining greater insight into one of the workforce outcomes associated with the programs of study they offer. We also hope that they can be informative to a broader audience, specifically our fellow Utahns who might be interested in these topics and find value in the information that is provided in our data narratives and research documents.

We are all looking forward to start researching these topics in the 2020 state year, and are interested to see what findings we derive from our research. Finally, I wanted to bring attention to the wealth of outstanding past blog posts. We have blog post on: machine learning, longitudinal research, data science, modeling, and so much more, so check them out on our website.

Thank you!

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