UDRC News & Updates: Recent Posts

User Experience is a Practice of Negotiation during Design Reviews

By Laura Dahl, PhD, UX Researcher
October 20, 2021

People around a table during a design review meeting

Laura describes how UX professionals can improve usability during design reviews through collaboration and negotiation.

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Longitudinal Intergenerational Poverty Research - 2021

By Kelsey Martinez, PhD, Research Manager
October 13, 2021

Store closed sign

Kelsey reviews the main findings of this year’s longitudinal IGP research, which focuses on the impacts of the COVID-19 recession on those experiencing poverty in Utah.

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Recent Research on the Gender Wage Gap in Utah

By Karen Tao, Researcher
September 7, 2021

Money and Wages

Researcher Karen Tao invites you to check out the recent UDRC research on the gender wage gap in Utah.

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UDRC’s Research Process

By Kelsey Martinez, PhD, Research Manager
September 01, 2021

Employees working at desktop computers

Kelsey reviews the internal UDRC research process steps for every research project the UDRC completes.

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Shrinking Vectors: Dimensionality Reduction to Reduce Search Space and Storage

By Vincent Brandon, Data Coordinator
August 26, 2021

Circles representing shrinking vectors

Check out how the UDRC is using dimensionality reduction techniques behind the scenes to drive better data faster.

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Navigation Menu Accessibility and Why that is Important

By Laura Dahl, Ph.D., User Experience Researcher
August 18, 2021

Person sitting at a computer and typing

Laura Dahl describes how the UDRC website has become more accessible for screen readers and keyboard users.

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An Introduction to the Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition

By Karen Tao, Researcher
August 11, 2021

Medical weight scale

Karen Tao provides a gentle introduction to the Blinder-Oaxaca decomposition, a technique used in our recently completed research project on the gender wage gap.

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Instrumental Variables and Endogeneity Part 1: Theory

By Ari Fenn, Researcher
August 4, 2021

Public binoculars

The blog post this week introduces Instrumental Variables estimation to deal with endogenous explanatory variables.

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Upcoming Virtual Data Conferences for 2021

By Jeremias Solari, Assistant Director / Chief of Research
July 28, 2021

Woman taking notes at a conference

Catch our presentation at the upcoming @EdNCES STATS-DC conference held virtually August 16-20. It is open and free to the public. Find the registration link and learn more in our latest blog post.

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Choosing a stochastic probability distribution to fit your data type

By Kelsey Martinez, PhD, Research Manager
July 21, 2021

Red dice throwing a reflection

Knowing which stochastic probability function to use to model data can be overwhelming for beginners. In this week’s blog post, Kelsey gives a quick introduction to data types and stochastic probability functions that work for modeling them.

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AI in QA: Beyond Metadata

By By Vincent Brandon, Data Coordinator
July 14, 2021

Looking up from inside a radio tower

Enhancing data with machine learning geared toward data ingest and preparation. Better data, faster, at scale.

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New Data Narrative Designs based on User Needs

By Laura Dahl, PhD, UX Researcher
July 7, 2021

Mobile first

Laura Dahl explains how user feedback led to new design decisions for UDRC’s data narratives.

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