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Time to graduation for Utah students seeking a bachelor's degree

July 19, 2019

Distance Education

Time to graduation data as seen on Utah's Education Pipeline dashboard.

This metric measures the percentage of a given cohort that has graduated with a bachelor's degree within 4, 6, and 8 years of entering college, minus exclusions such as students who leave for ecclesiastical service or to join the military. The average graduation rate within 4 years was 17% while the average graduation rate within 8 years was 48% in 2016.

The University of Utah had the largest rate of graduation, as well as the greatest increase in the percent of graduates over time, with an increase of 50% from 4 and 8 year graduates. Dixie State had the lowest average graduation rate across all years at 20%, as well as the lowest increase in the graduation rate over time at 13% between year 4 and year 8.

Learn more about other Postsecondary Access indicators at Utah’s Education Pipeline.

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