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Research Agenda 2019

Last updated: April 9, 2020

Priority Requesting Agency Name Research Description
1 DWS/UDRC, UTech, & USHE Student mobility  Mobility trends associated with the P20W pipeline
2 DWS/UDRC, USHE, UTech, & USBE Student course patterns and their effects on college readiness  An analysis of student high school course taking patterns and their influence on post-secondary outcomes.
3 DWS/UDRC, UTech, & USHE Increased spending power for technical college graduates An analysis of the increased spending potential for UTech and USHE graduates 
4 DWS/UDRC, UTech, & USHE Gender wage discrimination An analysis of wages by gender for individuals who are recent graduates of a USHE or UTech institution
5 DWS/UDRC & USBE Public assistance and outcomes for children  An analysis of children whose parents are on public assistance compared to those that are not
6 DWS/UDRC, UTech, & USHE Previous public assistance customers who have completed higher education and their outcomes Outcomes for public assistance customers who completed higher education
7 DWS/UDRC, UTech, & USHE Higher education's impact on public assistance  An analysis of UTech and USHE students on public assistance 
8 DWS/UDRC, UTech, & USHE Economic hardships driving technical college and university enrollment  An analysis of adult students who were unemployed in the year or two prior to enrolling at a technical college or university
9 DWS/UDRC & USHE Utilization of tuition assistance by low-income students An analysis of tuition assistance usage between low income and the general student population 
10 DWS/UDRC & USBE Workforce outcomes for students who do not complete high school  Workforce outcomes of an incomplete secondary education
11 USBE & UTech Secondary student utilization of the technical colleges  An analysis of secondary students attending technical colleges
12 DWS/UDRC, UDOH, & USBE Parental education and child educational attainment  An analysis of parents' education level on the subsequent educational attainment of their children
13 DWS/UDRC, UDOH, & USBE Parental age at first birth and outcomes for these children  An analysis of parents' age and the effect associated with K-12, college, and employment outcomes

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